ENDORSED BY: Sunnyvale Democratic Club, Anna Eshoo, Jerry Hill, Marc Berman, Mayor Lenny Siegel, and many others!

My name is Mike Kasperzak, and I am running for election to the El Camino Healthcare District Board of Directors this November.

I am running for election because I am passionate about what our Community Hospital has to offer those who live and work here. At the same time, my experience over the years has given me a broad perspective on the issues our community faces and provides me with insight into new ways to address them.

I believe the Healthcare District Board needs to be more transparent and will work to ensure that it continues to act, not only in the public interest, but in a manner that is open and transparent to the fullest extent allowed. I will also work to ensure the our community healthcare system is financially sustainable, and that the community maintains control of this vital healthcare asset. Finally, I want to position our system to be ready to, not only accept single payer healthcare, but to become a tireless advocate for the true future of healthcare in America.

With your help, we can be sure that our community healthcare system is one we can all be proud of: one that is home to innovative, entrepreneurial programs; is open and transparent; and is financially sustainable for the long term needs of the community.

On November 6, 2018 vote Mike Kasperzak for El Camino Healthcare District Board of Directors.

Mike Kasperzak