We all know we live in a world of finite resources, be it land, water, or fossil fuels. In its efforts towards greater sustainability, Mountain View has undertaken many innovative solutions. During the power crisis earlier this decade, we stopped "flaring" methane gas from the Shoreline landfill, and turned it into electricity for the City and sold the excess to the private sector for use in their corporate campus. The new parking garage has solar panels, a new reclaimed water pipeline has been built from the Palo Alto water treatment plant that will be used to irrigate the North Bayshore and keep "polluting" fresh water out of the Bay and the City has invested in hybrid vehicles.

I fully support these efforts. More importantly, the City must continue its efforts to implement the recommendations of the Sustainability Task Force. There is much that can be done by the City and its residents. Decisions affecting all aspects of our community can impact our environment, and this fact must be remembered at all times.


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