Affordable Housing
There can be little doubt that housing in the Bay Area and Mountain View specifically has reached levels that are unaffordable to many. Renters and new home buyers are well aware of the problem, but even long time home owners ask: "Could I buy my house today?" or "Will my children be able to afford living in the same community they grew up in?" Usually, the answer to both of these question is No. [ Read on... ]

Smart and Balanced Growth
Growth, like housing, are issues that cannot be summed up in a simple "sound bite." They are complex issues that weave themselves into virtually every aspect our community. [ Read on... ]

Fiscal Stability
Earlier this year, the City of Vallejo declared bankruptcy. There were a number of factors that no doubt lead to this, but the lesson to be learned is that Cities, like companies and individuals, must live within their means. [ Read on... ]

A New Community Park and Open Space
Mountain View is the envy of many in the Bay Area because of our parks and open space. [ Read on... ]

Sustainable Mountain View
We all know we live in a world of finite resources, be it land, water, or fossil fuels. In its efforts towards greater sustainability, Mountain View has undertaken many innovative solutions. [ Read on... ]

There is not much the City of Mountain View can do to affect the price of gas, but transportation issues are vitally important to the quality of life we enjoy. [ Read on... ]



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